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Electric and Automatic Garage Doors
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Electric and Automatic Garage Doors

Speak to us for secure electric garage doors. Many people perceive automatic doors on a garage to be strictly for high-end homes. However, once the benefits of ease of use, security and safety are explained customers soon realise automation is actually an affordable option.

  • Easy to use: The door is opened/closed by pressing a button on a hand-held remote control unit. A few automatic garage door systems will allow you to operate the garage door from 100 meters away. Additional accessories are often added to allow operation by a wall mounted button.
  • Convenience: The thought of never having to lift your garage door again must fill you with comfort! You no longer ned to get out the car in the snow, ice, rain or dark. Push the button and the door opens for you!
  • Security: Have you ever closed the garage door and not remember if you locked it? Then had to fumble for the keys in the dark just to check? No more! Once your garage door is closed, it is locked and can only be opened by your remote control.
  • Safety: Never worry about the force of your garage door closing. If the door is closing but obstructed it will automatically stop until the obstruction is moved. The sensitivity of the obstruction detection can be adjusted to suit your needs. As an added bonus, the opener can be fitted with a light so that you will never trip in your dark garage.
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BSI automatic gates - electric gates 7036
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